LetGive’s Guide to Narrow Down Which Charity You Want to Donate To

charity-day-kids-giveWe at letgive.com are excited you decided that you want to start giving money to charity! This is great! Once you start your search, you may find it difficult to narrow down which charity you actually want to give to. We benefit from so many elements of the world and society, choosing exactly what is the most important to us can be difficult.

One way to start is by choosing just a single type of charity to make a donation to. This way you can research different types of charities in just one area instead of all many areas. Using this method is a lot less time-consuming and overwhelming than trying to approach all the charities in the world at once.

Even if you want to donate to more than one type of charity, it is still wise to pursue one charity at a time. Depending on the number of charities you want to donate to, simply divide your research up throughout the year. For example, if you want to donate to six different charities, set aside a time once every two months to research and choose a charity to donate to.

Here are the six main categories of charities. We also included some of our favorite charities and the most popular under each type. If you have any charities you think we should add to our list, let us know!

Animal charities

animals-in-needAnimals cannot speak for themselves, so it is left to us to defend and protect them. The joy animals bring to the world is beyond words, and it is our job to take care of them. The following are different types of animal charities, followed by the most popular organization in that type.

Environmental Charities

environmentThese types of charities are dedicated to finding ways to promote, preserve, appreciate and sustain development for the health of the environment. Two main groups in this section are as follows:

International NGOs (non-governmental organization)

These types of charities have headquarters in one country, but work in an entirely different country. The idea is to service areas that are in dire need of outside help. These organizations are in all different areas, so they do overlap with some of the other types of charities.

Health Charities

GP-in-surgery-001Access to basic medical needs is something many people take advantage of, and a tremendous amount of the world’s population does not even have access. These types of charities support the sick and disabled. There are also organizations that are working on ending diseases by promoting public awareness on current health risks and a search for cures.

Education Charities

Education is the best way to build the foundation of the world for the future and current generations. These charities cover education on all different levels, and for all different ages.

Arts & Culture Charities

culture-and-artsArt enriches our culture and gives us an historic tradition that is invaluable to society. These organizations help preserve and support an artistic side to our communities. To help build the arts in your community, search for these types of charities around your home.

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